Intimate hygiene: 9 (very) bad habits to give up permanently!


This fragile area of ​​your body deserves your full attention!

Clean the inside of your vagina

There are a lot of bacteria inside the vagina, and they are there to protect it and help maintain the pH of the vagina. If the balance of your vaginal flora is disturbed, it can lead to infections. The vagina cleans itself naturally with natural vaginal secretions, just wash externally once a day with a suitable cleanser.
We have kept these stubborn bad habits for several decades, often thinking that we are doing the right thing, for lack of information. Yet our private parts must be treated with great care. More than little blunders, these errors can have a very significant impact on your health; we help you see more clearly.

Your morning and evening routine involves taking care of your whole body and therefore involves personal hygiene. Many of the things we thought we knew and grew up on actually harm our vaginal flora and therefore our overall health.
To avoid infections and other unpleasant intimate worries, a few tips should get you back on the right track with good daily hygiene practices.

New actions for better intimate health
Start by choosing your intimate hygiene products carefully to wash the outside of your penis and do not try to clean the inside of your vagina. Perfectly independent, it cleanses itself naturally thanks to natural vaginal secretions. Also pay attention to the products that you put in contact with your private parts; washcloths and scented wipes are avoided.
Finally, although the sport in the room is a moment of incomparable pleasure, it should not make you forget some rules to respect after this fabulous moment.

We let you count your mistakes and correct them today for better personal hygiene.

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