“European Medicines” studies the relationship of clotting to the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine


There is no UN recommendation regarding changing the type of vaccine between two doses

Yesterday, Friday, the European Medicines Regulatory Authority announced that it is studying some cases of blood clots after taking the American “Johnson & Johnson” single-dose vaccine against “Covid 19”, after 4 cases were recorded; Among them was one death. The “commission” stated that its safety committee “began studying reports to verify cases of blood clots after vaccination.” She added that 3 cases were recorded in the United States and the fourth during clinical trials at an unspecified location.

The European Union has authorized the use of the vaccine, but has not initiated vaccination with it. “After vaccination with the (Johnson) vaccine, 4 severe cases of abnormal thrombosis related to low levels of platelets were reported,” the agency said. The European Commission approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and it is scheduled to start administering it in European Union countries this April. The announcement came at a time when the Amsterdam-based “body” studied cases of blood clots in people who had received the “AstraZeneca” vaccine and decided that they should be considered as side effects of the vaccine, albeit rare. Both vaccines use adenoviruses as vectors. The European Medicines Regulatory Authority said yesterday that it is investigating the possibility of links between the “AstraZeneca” vaccine against “Covid 19” and a disorder of blood vessels, after it counted this week that there is a possible link between the vaccine and stroke, which were described as rare side effects. The agency said that it is studying 5 cases of capillary leakage syndrome, which is “characterized by fluid leakage from blood vessels, causing tissue swelling and low blood pressure.”

On the other hand, the Indian newspaper “Indian Express” reported yesterday that Johnson & Johnson had informed the regulatory authorities in India that it would soon start clinical trials of its vaccine. The report stated that the giant US pharmaceutical and health care company sent a letter to the “Central Organization for Monitoring Medicines Standards” in which it wrote that it “will submit an application within a very short period of time to obtain permission to conduct clinical trials in India.”

On the other hand, the “World Health Organization” confirmed yesterday that, in the absence of sufficient data, it cannot issue a recommendation regarding changing the anti-“Covid 19” vaccine between two doses, which is what France intends to do for those under the age of 55 who have received a first dose. From «AstraZeneca». “There is not enough data to clarify whether this is something that can be done,” said Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the “health organization” during the regular press briefing in Geneva, and then the WHO experts concluded that the possibility of “changing the vaccine is not something they can recommend.” At this stage”.

She indicated that this is the position adopted by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Vaccination last February when publishing its recommendations regarding the “AstraZeneca” vaccine and before information was available about a possible link between it and very rare side effects. She also stressed that these scientists then called for specific research on the replaceability of vaccines against “Covid 19”.

The “Supreme Health Authority” in France announced that those under the age of 55 and who took a first dose of the “AstraZeneca” vaccine will receive a second dose of the “Pfizer” or “Moderna” vaccine. This includes 533,000 people in France, according to the “authority” that stopped giving AstraZeneca to those under the age of 55 on March 19, due to rare cases of blood clots in Europe. But some, especially healthcare providers, have received their first dose of this vaccine since early February.

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