Close to one billion pounds … the 10 most expensive palaces bought and sold in the world


Some celebrities take real estate as an investment for them in addition to their proficiency in their fields, whether it is art or other fields, in order to achieve wealth from them, especially since they live in homes or palaces estimated at millions of dollars, to live in them and then sell them at fantastic prices.

While 2021 has been a financially complex year, many celebrities have been able to take advantage of the dramatic changes to dramatically increase their fortunes, with that extra wealth, many of them have bought new homes, fleeing the cities as they adjust to the new work from home.

Many of these celebrities sold millions of dollars’ homes in major centers in New York and Los Angeles, and moved to new states, and among the celebrities who moved, these ten sold their distinctive and beautiful homes and bought something new, and here are the top 10 palaces of celebrities that were sold or arranged by price, And in a report published on the site therichest.

Lily Collins – Beverly Hills (220 million pounds)

The famous movie star Lily Collins recently sold her house for $ 13.5 million in late March of this year, equivalent to about 220 million pounds, which is the mansion located in the famous Beverly Hills community, and it contains four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and was designed by a Hollywood engineer World-famous John Elgin Wolf, known for his work designing homes for stars such as Clark Gable, Judy Garland and Bob Hope.

The house is just off Sunset Blvd and features amenities like a library, full bar, formal dining room and tennis court.

Pamela Anderson – Malibu (219 million pounds)

This oceanfront property combines the landscapes of Malibu with the modern, technology-driven style of a newly emerging society, and the supermodel Anderson listed her home on the market for $ 14.9 million in March 2021, equivalent to £ 219 million.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom home has built up in value since it was first bought in the early 2000s, initially offered at $ 1.8 million, and the house was listed on the market in 2013 for $ 7.75 million, now eight years later, it’s asking for $ 14.9 million. Almost double the original price you ordered.

Matt Damon – Los Angeles (329 million pounds)

The house of actor and movie star Matt Damon is located in the Pacific Palisades in Malibu in Los Angeles, California, and his house was listed on the market for $ 21 million in January 2021, equivalent to 329 million pounds. The house with an area of ​​more than 13 thousand square feet contains It has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms and a residence on one of the most desirable streets of Los Angeles.

Set on more than half an acre of private property, it is one of the largest homes in the desirable Upper Riviera neighborhood.

Tony Gonzalez – Beverly Hills (109 million pounds)

NFL Hall of Fame star Tony Gonzalez recently listed his home in the Beverly Hills community for $ 28 million (439 million pounds), after he originally bought the house in 2016 for $ 7.1 million (109 million pounds), Gonzalez and his wife, DJ October Gonzalez , By renovating the property, adding a stunning tennis court and swimming pool.

The mansion measuring more than 12,000 square feet is now more than three times the size of the original home in its area. Its iconic structure also gained a feature in the Los Angeles Times in 2020.

Dr. Paul Nassif … Bel Air (502 Million EGP)

Nassif is known as one of the pioneering doctors in the plastic surgery-based reality TV series “Bitched On The E!”, And in March of 2021, his $ 32 million home, equivalent to 502 million pounds, was listed while it was still under construction. The house is expected to be completed no later than June or July 2021.

The beautiful house is located on a private property and isolated by a fence surrounded by natural trees, and has seven bedrooms and eight full bathrooms, which makes it an ideal place for the family to bypass the remaining time of quarantine, it houses more than 12 thousand square feet of living space and resides on more than 1.3 acres of Earth.

Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen … Brooklyn (510 million pounds)

Super Bowl champ Tom Brady and his wife, model Gisele Bündchen, listed their Massachusetts home in 2020 for $ 32.5 million, which is equivalent to 510 million pounds, recently purchased, this home, which covers an area of ​​more than 12 thousand square feet, contains five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. .

The house has many unique elements including a wine room, a private gym, a spa and a sauna with a space for contemplation, as well as a guesthouse and two separate kitchens, the space also includes several yards and a hallway space for more than 8 cars.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (549 million pounds)

The country singers’ home was first listed in February of 2021 with an asking price of $ 35 million, which is equivalent to 549 million pounds. This secluded property is located on the Bahamas Island and includes a residence of more than 6,000 square feet that contains four bedrooms and five bathrooms. A watchtower to watch the sunset and many suites for guests.

The iconic house was featured as an Architectural Digest cover story in 2017 in which it explored the renovations the couple had completed there.The 20-acre island was originally made up of little more than a hut and is connected to an elaborate system of cabanas and covered verandas, making it a maze. Complex deserves further exploration.

Tom Cruise: Telluride (926 million pounds)

This iconic home is where Tom Cruise met Oprah Winfrey in 2005, and it is also the home that was featured in the famous Vanity Fair article where he talked about Katie Holmes.

While the house was initially listed for $ 59 million in 2014, equivalent to 926 million pounds, it returned to the market in March of 2021 with a new listing price of $ 39.5 million (620 million pounds).

The cabin-inspired mansion sits on more than 320 acres in Colorado, making it a perfect winter wonderland during November and December.

Greg Norman – Jupiter Island (941 million pounds)

Golf star and businessman Greg Norman listed his Florida mansion on the market in February 2021 for a whopping $ 59.9 million (941 million pounds) The 31,000-square-foot structure contains 10 bedrooms and more than 18 bathrooms overlooking the ocean.

The house is called “Tranquility” due to the sunsets and transcendent views enveloping the house. Norman has owned the property for more than 30 years and completed numerous renovations to make it look as majestic as possible. He also purchased the accompanying beach house and pool house in 1991 for $ 4.9 million. (76 million pounds), adding many structures to the already impressive house.

Elon Musk – Los Angeles (981 million pounds)

In a different deal than the others on this list, Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, recently sold a package deal for his Los Angeles homes, including four separate properties, the deal reached a record $ 62.5 million (£ 981 million). The sale is funky, with only two of the homes next to each other and the other two located elsewhere in Los Angeles.

The homes were bought by luxury land developer Ardie Tavangarian who plans to remodel and sell each home individually, and with so many recently listed homes in some of America’s most sought-after destinations, most of these properties are expected to sell by the end of the year.

With new owners and a variety of future renovations imminent, it is expected that the value of each of these homes will continue to increase over the next few years as well, making them a viable candidate again for the most expensive homes in 2022 and beyond.

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